Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Don't Love Each Other

People don't love each other, they're just trapped in a comfort zone. While in foster care I often wondered why I had so many relatives that never even offered to take me in, yet as an adult I am able to understand that I didn't add to the overall level of comfort in their lives. As an adult, I view these things in retrospect, searching for answers to ease my pain. To aid in my quest for knowledge I look at those around me & ask myself why we intertwine our lives. For some it's rather obvious. My band of brethren, the DarkSide Tribe, all have an unspoken loyalty to one another based on experiences and circumstances. On a deeper level however, I feel the foundation of our loyalty may stem from each of us individually lacking the traditional family structure. Coupled with trials & tribulations, successes & failures, and a few good times, this formula equates a bond and/or what some people call love.

With that being said, I find it nearly impossible for those who aren't a part of our organization to have a genuine love for me. In fact, I believe these people who profess their love for me and go to great lengths to prove it are all acting with selfish intent. Human beings "nurture" by instinct, yet also expect this type of emotion to be reciprocated. So basically, no one is going to go out of thier way to prove their love without expecting a similar gesture in the future. In my opinion these people are in fact lonely, self-conscious, and weak. By accepting these gestures we allow these people to dump their personal insecurities as well as fears of abandonment on us, locking us into an emotional debt with them. We are then forced to carry out tasks that are emotionally, physically, and financially draining. All of this is supposed to prove our "Love" for one another.

We don't love each other... we love comfort. We love feeling good, we love laughing, we love music, we love food, we love sex, WE LOVE LIFE... It's just better when you get to share it with someone, but that doesn't mean that we love each other.